Welcome to Yorkshire

I love cycling, and especially round Yorkshire. The pace of a bike ride enables you to see more than you do whizzing along in a car. I don’t even mind if it’s raining – decent wet weather gear keeps you cocooned and warm, even if you’re soaking externally.

You get the smells (not always nice) and hear the wildlife. I’ve been lucky enough at 5am this morning (for example) to see thousands of rabbits crossing the road in front of me and a couple of deer walk by. I’ve seen owls a plenty, and had bats swooping along in front of me at twilight.

But there’s one thing that I’ve kept noticing that is really sad, and that’s rubbish. We live in one of the most beautiful parts of britain, but we can’t keep it clean. The laziness of some ruins it for everyone else. McDonalds rubbish strewn along hedgerows, a mattress in a layby. Large piles of construction rubble dumped in field gateways.

I’ve seen so much of it now, I’ve started to document them in photographs and i’ll be posting the images as a photo essay on here.

Here’s #1 – ‘We plough the fields and scatter…’


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